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Negative Impact of Internet on Education

Baljit Kaur

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249 273

Integration  of  Indigenous  and  Scientific  Technology  in Disaster  Risk  Reduction  Education  in  Kenya; A  Framework  for Sustainable  Development

Dr. Truphena E. Mukuna

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253 696

Comparative Analysis of Representation of Social and Political Realities in Soyinka’s a Play of Giants and Mulwa’s Redemption

Pomak Frank Tengya

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752 4474

Impact of New Rural Goat Marketing Structures through Auction Sales Pens to the Livelihood of Small-Holder Producers under the on-going, Advocacy for Small Livestock Value Addition:  A Panacea for Rural Poverty Eradication in Zimbabwe

Chisango Future Fortune T., Moyo Wisdom, Gasva Douglas & Muleya Liberty

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437 1477

Effects of Non-Payment of Mining Employees and their Survival Strategies: The Case of Hwange Colliery Company Limited in Zimbabwe

Mhau Ndlovu, Wisdom Moyo, Douglas Gasva & Fortune F.T. Chisango

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240 993

Changing and Emerging Trends of Indian Women Writers with Special Reference to Pinki Virani

M. Aswani Reddy & S. Prasanna Sree

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205 588

Differences between Men and Women Perception towards Gender Issues among Non-Teaching Staff of Egerton University, Nakuru County, Kenya

Sibia Bwoga Misoi, Dr. Eric K. Bor & Mwangi S. Wokabi

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221 314

Time Management Skills of Students-in Nepal

Tek Narayan Poudel

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238 204

Globacom Ghanatele Communication Mobile Network and the Use of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Purchasing Decision (Case Area -Dodowa, Dangme West District, Greater Accra Region, Ghana)

Dr. Fiona Gibson

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262 977

Role and Importance of Small Scale Industries in Development of Rayalaseema (A.P.)

Dr. K. Bhaskaru

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208 261

The Evaluation of the Indian Neo Women: A study of Attia Hosain’s “Sunlight on a Broken Column”        

Gopal Chandra Paul

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381 1440

Saarthi: A Versatile Robot

Shruti B. Wasulkar, Prathamesh N. Parab , Sayali S. Ayarkar & Chetan S. Padharia

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206 262

Folk Behaviour of the Darlong: Investigating the Buried Traditions of the Darlong Ethnicity from the Eye of ‘Bukpui’, a Traditional Institute of the Tribe  

Benjamina Darlong

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326 647

Impact of Mining Chemical Waste Management and Disposal on Environment and Water Pollution to Local Communities in Zimbabwe: A Case of Hwange Coal Fields in Matabeleland North Region

Chisango Future Fortune T., Ncube Sikhulekile, Moyo Wisdom & Gasva Douglas

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371 4998

Encountering Colonial Challenges in Post-Independent Indian Governance: Multilayered Inter-Cultural and Intra-Cultural Conflicts in India

Sayan Dey

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227 207

The Study of DVD Subtitle on EFL Students’ English Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition

Chu-Hua Hsieh

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200 492

The Social Demographics and the Factors that Motivate Polygamous Marriages among the Tugen Community in Baringo County, Kenya

Elijah Kiptoo Boiywo

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205 557

Attitude of Teacher Educators and Teacher Trainees towards Restructuring the T.T.C Curriculum of Kerala

Lekshmi P. & Dr. K. Abdul Gafoor

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227 229

Good Governance in Bank Credit Contract Increases Customers’ Trust

Rudy Haposan Siahaan & Dr. Tan Kamello

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267 308

A Livelihood Comparative Study of Chepangs and Tamangs, Both Applying Agroforestry Intervention in Central Nepal

Raju Chetry & Uma Kant Silwal

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330 343

Knowledge and Attitude about Abortion among the Adolescence Students of Higher Secondary Level

Sushila Devi Bhandari & Saraswati Sharma Paudyal

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224 308

Problems in Organisation of Co-Curricular Activities in Secondary Schools

Subhadra Sahoo & Rajiv Lochan Namta

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222 221

Bowen’s Intergenerational Transmission Process in the Malay Population

Raba’Aton Adawiah Mohd Yusof & Marilyn Campbell

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215 226

Consumption Pattern and Preferences of Working Women in the Service Sector in Kolkata

Taruna Bansal

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236 293

Youth Attitudes towards Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision and Their Implications for HIV and AIDS Reduction and Prevention: The Case of Hwange District in Zimbabwe

Wisdom Moyo, James Phiri, Douglas Gasva & Fortune Future T. Chisango

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206 970

Beedi Workers: A Study on Their Educational Status

Mir Nayan

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203 245

Wealth as Determinant of Healthcare Management: A Perspective in Context of India

Dr. Ambey Kumar Srivastava

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426 829

The Role of Culture on Violence against Women in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Domboshava, Dunya Village

Vimbai Makwara & Kwaedza E Kaseke

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310 1792

Role of Nabard in Women Empowerment with Special Reference to Self Help Groups


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240 253

The Handmaid’s Tale: Sabotaged Narrative of Offred

Tazir Hussain

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207 281

The Relationship between Group Cohesiveness and Performance: An Empirical Study of Funded Youth Groups in Nakuru Municipality, Nakuru County, Kenya

Kemboi Jebet Francisca, Dr. Ngetich Kibet & Dr. Bor Eric Kiprono

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224 343

Spatial Analysis of Inter State Migration in West Bengal

Nafisa Banu

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330 335

Peer Relationship Pattern of Adolescents: A Study of Locale and Gender Differences

Savita Rathour & Tejpreet Kaur Kang

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254 697

Stubborn Traditionalism of Corporate and Job Satisfaction of HR Professionals (with Special Reference to Various Private Organizations)

Dr. Subhasish Chatterjee & Dr. Pinkal Shah

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199 339

Application of Experimental Methods in Expectation Formation and Learning in Macroeconomics

Abhishek Das & Gautam Gupta

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196 262

Reconstructing Private History in Amitav Ghosh’s Novel “In an Antique Land”

S. V. Ramesh Kumar & Ch. A. Rajendra Prasad

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208 466

Effect of Non-Violent Communication Skill Training on Overall Marital Satisfaction According to Demographic Variables

Fatemeh Alihosseini & Fatemeh Hajmohammadi

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287 251

An Analysis of the Use of Mass Media during Communication Campaigns for Mental Health Held in Nairobi County

Augustus Onchari Nyakundi, Dr. Hellen Mberia & Dr. Ndeti Ndati

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511 295

Secondary School Student’s Attitude towards English Language and Their Academic Achievement in English Language

D. S. Veena

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