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A Study of Hispanic Students’ Perceptions of Homophily and Immediacy and Their Relationships to Perceived Affective Learning and Content Relevance

Dr. Jeffrey S. McQuillen, Dr. Cory B. Cunningham & Deberah Infante Rutigliano

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35 33

Factors of Committing Academic Dishonesty among Students in a Malaysian Public University

Hanisah Kasbon & Siti Zurainiwati Abdul Kadir

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Innovative Approaches to Provision of Education to Former Street Girls in Kenya:  A Case of Pendekezo Letu

Dr. Grace Nyagah

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Gender Based Violence in Zimbabwean Primary Schools:  An Analysis of Reasons and its Impact on Children

E. Chikwiri

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38 32

Influence of Religious Sponsorship on Academic Performance of Secondary Schools in Kenya:  A Comparative Study between Protestant and Catholic Sponsored Secondary Schools in Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya

Inviolata N. Makhanu, Chris Wekesa Mukwa & Dr. Salome Odongo

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54 73

Nature of Petroleum Arrangement in View of Licensing Agreement: Contractual or Regulatory

Anyaelezu Somachi

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85 34

A Comparative Analysis of People New Environmental Paradigm Related to Water Resource Conservation Behavior Based on Gender: A Case in Manggarai, East Indonesia

I. Made Putrawan

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82 39

Framing Effect and the Relationship between Feelings, Economic Expectations and Risk Perceptions

Shosh Shahrabani & Sharon Garyn-Tal

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39 31

The Relationship between Teachers’ Emotional Intelligence and Their Self-Efficacy in Greece

Ilias Flabouras Nietos, Athanasios Koustelios & Nikolaos Tsigilis

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98 79

The European Union (EU) Energy Policy Challenges and the Way Forward

Anyaelezu Somachi

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59 28

Indices of Treaty Abuse and the Various Fiscal Regimes for Regulating Onshore and Offshore Energy Sectors

Anyaelezu Somachi

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289 33

A Survey of Maternal Instinct of Contemporary Feminists Based on the Theories of Simone De Beauvoir's Homogeneity and Heterogeneity

Sheida Safvat Safai

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45 36

Ship Registration in Tanzania: Current Status and Its Challenges

Dr. Tumaini Shabani Gurumo

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142 67

Which One Is the Best Parenting Style in Early Childhoods’ Psycho-Social Development in Tanzania? A Review of Literature

William Manyama & Evetta Lema

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147 59

Digital Media and Public Opinions: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Performance of Jubilee Government of Kenya (2013-2015)

Charlotte Anyango Ong’ang’a, Dr. Obiero Ogone, Owino Rew & Judith Miguda Attyang

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62 44

The UN Security Council’ Judicial Work

Dr. Gasem M. S. Al-Own & Dr. Maysa Bydoon

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55 47

Evaluating the Role of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Addressing the Socio-economic Problems of Nigeria

Ede, Victor Ifeanyi

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43 37

A Study on Socio-Economic Status of Secondary School Students in Relation to their Educational Aspiration in the Science Subject in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka

Chelliah Arulmoly & Arulmoly Kiruthika

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51 43

The Implementation of Alternative Management Policies of the Public Service in the Company Taps Majalengka Indonesia

Nanang Suparman & Mubarok

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41 44

Coping Mechanism, Inspiration, and Aspiration of Women Survivors of Abuse

Dr. Josephine P. Manapsal, Girlie L. Mariano, Sheree Mae A. Mayuga & Philip Y. Lejano

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85 37

Relationship between School Type and Secondary School Students’ Career Aspirations in Nairobi County, Kenya

Dr. Shadrack K. Munanu & Dr. Theresia T. Kinai

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50 34

A Process Model for Developing High Quality Educational Interventions

Elizabeth Garira

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139 44

Nigeria’s Quest for Economic Development within the Framework of the Vision 20:2020: An Appraisal and a Critique

Imo Akanimo Eshiett

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66 28

Conducting a Technology Transfer Contract

Dr. Maysa Bydoon & Dr. Omar Alotain

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61 47

Effect of E-Governance Pillars on Service Delivery in Decentralized Governments: Case Study of Machakos County in Kenya

Rachael Ndunge Kimeu & Gabriel Githu

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108 35

Comparing the Incomparable ‘Speaking Out’ and the Use of Drawings in Notebooks by Physicists

Harmen Henricus Hollestelle

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40 30

A Comparison between African Philosophical and Christian Theological Views of Life and Death

George Okumu Achar & Ishmael Opiyo Otieno

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135 47

The Challenges of Ethiopia’s Peacekeeping Operations in the North-South Sudan Conflict: Abyei Since 2011

Teferi Mengistu Mekonen

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69 35

Public Relations in Kenya: A Youthful Career Becoming Gender ‘Insensitive’ in Favor of Women?

Dr. Michael Hindzano Ngonyo & Caroline Anyango Oywer

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43 32

A Critical Analysis of Ngugi wa Thiongo and Language

Stephen Bani-Kwakye

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56 27

Economics Methodology and the Financial Crisis: A RE – Examination

Pius Effiong Akpan & Lawrence Ekpenyong Udofia

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36 29

Cultural Perspective of Immigrants in Italy Meeting between Identities and Cultures in Search of a Global Community

Simonetta Schillaci

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40 25

A Routine Activities Explanation of Sex Trafficking Victimization:  A Content Analysis of Published Biographical Accounts

Dr. Ben D. Atkins

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120 44

Implementing Cross-Age Peer Tutoring in the Teaching of Reading in Kenyan Primary Schools

Justus O. Inyega, Hellen N. Inyega & Frank Hardman

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41 31

The Role of “Operation Rah-e-Raast” in the Establishment of Peace in Swat

Muhammad Hamza, Muhammad Irshad & Summar Iqbal Babar

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97 33

Role of Inter-Professional Communication in Management of Child Abuse in Kenya:  A Focus on Protective Intervention Strategies

Christine Oiruria & Dr. Charles Ochieng Ongondo

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