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Institutional and Student Related Factors and Doctoral Studies Completion Rates in Education at Selected Public Universities in Kenya

Samuel Kankuko Rong’uno

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85 82

Land Reform Program in the Face of Climate Change: An Exploration of a Coffee Farming Community of Honde Valley in Zimbabwe

Violet Mpinyuri & Caven Madzingira

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267 156

Guidelines for Validating Research and Evaluation Instruments

Dr. Chikwe, Christian K. & Dr. Inko-Tariah, D. C.

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56 56

The Discipline of History; a Quest for Survival in Nigerian Academic Instructions: A Case Study of Academic Institutions in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Dr. Ubongabasi Ebenezer Israel

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74 76

Perceived Relevance of Teaching Practice Exercise to the Teaching Profession: The Case of Teachers in Rivers State, Nigeria

Dr. Inko-Tariah Dorothy Chikaodi

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72 50

Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programme among Long Distance Drivers:  Achievements and Implications of HIV/AIDS Funded Project in Osun State, Nigeria

Adebola A. Adejimi, Ajibola Olagunoye, Simi Femi-Akinpelu, Olubukola Alawale, Oluwatoyin Adeola-Musa, Akin Oyebade, Mosur Bello, Michael Olugbile, Olusegun Adeoye, Abayomi Adenekan, Gabriel Olatunji & Julius Oyeleke

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154 56

Urban Residents’ Perception of Health Risks of Climate Change and Its Impact on Bahaviour Change in Mombasa City, Kenya

Dr. Fredrick Okoth Okaka, Paul Omondi & Beneah D. Odhiambo

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78 92

An Assessment of the Influence of Children’s Representation on School Boards in the Promotion of Children's Government in Public Primary Schools in Central Division, Turkana Central Sub – County, Turkana County, Kenya

Reuben Lotiang Eregae

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85 61

Corrective Feedback, Teacher Strategies and Learner Beliefs: Effects on Noticing and Retention

Malika Ouboumerrad

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112 70

Decolonizing Biblical Interpretation: An Analysis of the Colonial Missionary Gospel and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development in Africa with Reference to Methodist Church in Zimbabwe

Caroline Dimingu & Wilfred Dimingu

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199 72

Parents as Enablers of Academic Achievement in Secondary Schools in Uganda: A Learners’ View Point

Dr. Asiimwe Specioza & Magunda Hilary

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208 66

Maternity User Fee Debts: An Infringement on Children’s Rights

Karren Dube & Pumulani Mpofu

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294 58

Drought Vulnerability Assessment in Pastoral Production System in Laisamis, Northern Kenya

Jiddah Choke

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75 93

Teacher Perceptions of Advancement Program on Expected Teacher Tenure in High-Poverty Schools

Roosevelt Nivens, Chuck Holt & Ray Thompson

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51 66

Water Scarcity and Socio-Economic Development in Rural Communities of Zimbabwe: The Case of Bulilima District, Zimbabwe

Wayne Malinga, Whitehead Zikhali & Buhe Nleya

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118 118

Monetary Policy Shocks and Inclusive Growth in Nigeria: A VAR Approach

Adediran, Oluwasogo, S., Matthew, Oluwatoyin, A., Olopade, Bosede C. & Adegboye, Folasade B.

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142 63

Reliability and Validity of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) in a Greek Sample

Michael Galanakis, Agathi Lakioti, Christos Pezirkianidis, Eirini Karakasidou & Dr. Anastasios Stalikas

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86 87

Household Strengthening Approaches and Household Poverty: The Case of Selected Household Strengthening Approaches in Tanzania

Riziki M. Nyello & Abu Mvungi

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92 65

Improving School Leadership through Short Term Trainings: Implications for Quality of Education

Daniel Mamo

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66 57

Tri-Sikkha (Threefold Learning) Approach: Buddhist Mental Development

Chanunthakorn Kiatjanon

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93 87

The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies Status of Quality Assurance and Standards in Education in Kakamega County, Kenya

Dr. Felix A. Mugasia & William K. Sugut

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136 59

Effect of Risk Management Strategies on Profitability of Microfinance Institutions in Kenya:  A Case Study of Faulu Kenya Nakuru County

Dr. Otuya Robert Ingabo & Margaret Chepchirchir

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92 69

Graduate Students’ Perceptions toward Research Strategies

Ibrahim Mazen

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86 67

Public Perception of Small Arms Epidemic and Conflicts in Oke-Ogun Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

Ukwayi, J. K., Adewoyin, S. A., John, T. O. & Ofem, N. O.

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370 71

A Philosophical Look- Is Past Present in Future?

Zohreh Ataei Ashtiani & Sorraya Maknoon

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72 57

Home based Factors and Educational Wastage in Public Secondary Schools in Machakos County, Kenya

Sylvia Musangi Samuel, Dr. David M. Mulwa, Dr. Joash Migosi & Leonard Mwathi Kamau

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71 63

Lay Counselor Training in Developing Countries: Needs, Approaches, and Impact on Quality of Life

Dr. David K. Carson

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77 54

From Pessimism to Optimism: An Assessment of Elections Conducted in Nigeria from 1999 – 2015

Dr. Severus Ifeanyi Odoziobodo & Hyginus Okibe Banko

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410 178

Association between Prevalence of Social Media Usage and Violent Behavior among Secondary School Students in Langata Sub-County, Nairobi County, Kenya

Wilfred Musila Muia

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140 104

A Challenge for Teachers in Class: How to Cope with Slow Learners

Maria del Rosario Freeman Suarez, Isel Ramirez Berdut & Pedro Manuel Ramirez Gueton

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139 69

Co-wife Bonding in Sue Nyathi’s the Polygamist (2012) and Lola Shoneyin’s the Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives (2010)

Nelly Agunda Amolo, Dr. Edwin Mosoti & Dr. Elizabeth Odhiambo

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308 82

Ethical Teachings in the Dhammapada

Ven. Nguyen Thi Sen

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86 82

Analysis of the Undeclared Questions (primarily) based on the Potthapadasutta

Ashish Thapa Magar

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68 51

Determinants of HIV Transmission to Infants among Women on PMTCT Program in Mashonaland East Province

Dr. Wilfred Dube, Edgar Muzulu & Edewell Mugariri

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115 73

Being a Wife of a Climatic Migrant: The Expanding Effects of Climate Change on Rural Women Left Behind

Caven Madzingira & Yolandah Tokyo

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275 80

Potential Allophonic Transfers in Indonesians’ EFL Acquisition: Unaspiration and Final Devoicing

Ignatius Tri Endarto

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105 78

Influence of Self Career Management on Organisational Performance: A Case of Kisumu County Government, Kenya

Songa Joseph Veckery & Dr. Oloko Margaret

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76 80

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