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Education and Peace Building: The Role of the Teacher within and Beyond the School

Endeley Margaret Nalova

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119 57

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Implementation of Procurement Plans in Public Universities in Kenya: A Case of Kisii University, Kenya

Bwombengi Heizel Nyanchoka & Dr. Walter Okibo Bichanga

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72 64

Multiplicity of Cultures in Anglicised Yoruba Personal Names and Yoruba Business Names

Dr. Ajileye, M. K.

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75 84

An Application of Selected Yoruba Proverbs for the Illustration of Aesthetics and Design; the Case of Indigenous Patterned Dyed Cloth

Dr. Makinde David Olajide

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153 80

An Empirical Analysis of Interest Rates and Manufacturing Sector Performance in Nigeria

Dr. Athanasius N. Nwokoro

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52 65

Emerging Professional Bodies in Student Affairs Administration in South African Tertiary Institutions: A Necessity in Nigerian Higher Educational Systems

Dare Ojo, Omonijo, Michael Chibuzor, Anyaegbunam, Albert O. Shaibu, Onyekwere Oliver Chizaram Uche & Chibuike Emmanuel Ogunwa

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104 65

The Suitability of Expert Determination in Settling Oil and Gas Disputes and Its Reception under Scottish Law

Anyaelezu Somachi

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84 59

Burnout, General Health and Coping Strategies among Employees in Private Health and Fitness Centers

Yannis S. Georgiou, Nikolaos Patsantaras, Athanasios Koustelios & Alexandros - Stamatios Antoniou

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116 78

Eudaimonic Well-Being and Physical Health: A Systematic Literature Review

Christina Boufali-Bavella, Dr. Anastasios Stalikas & Dr. Michael Galanakis

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147 103

Influence of Organizational Knowledge on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

Abel Ombuse Ong’eni & Dr. Jane Gathenya

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85 117

Assessing Funding and Accessibility to Water as an Agricultural Resource by the Rural Farmers in Uganda: A Case of Isingiro District, Uganda

Willy Turyahikayo & Edson Kamagara

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74 55

Influence of Family-Work Balance Conflict on Female Principals’ Managerial Duties in Public Secondary Schools in Machakos County, Kenya

Miriam Mbithuka, Dr. James Muola & Dr. Redempta Maithya

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78 56

The Malady of Corruption and the Implications for the Wellness of Nigerian Society

Dr. Badmus Bidemi G.

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239 68

Impact of Job Satisfaction and Turnover in Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Barbara Ann M. Messina

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92 53

Factors that Contribute to Disciplinary Alternative Education Placements:  Lessons Learned from Urban Schools in Texas

Dr. Kriss Y. Kemp-Graham

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60 59

The Power of Culture in History: Traditional Conflict Management Mechanism among the Dizi Community, Southwest Ethiopia

Adinew Abtew

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319 98

The Relationship between Differentiation of and Health Anxiety

Dr. Khaled abu-Asbah, Jannat Hammoud & Taha Wahebah

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77 48

Education and Adolescent Fertility: A Multilevel Cross-Sectional Analysis

Dr. Ese Urhie, Dr. Emmanuel Oduntan, Dr. Olabanji O. Ewetan & Oluseyi Apeji

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79 65

Farmers’ Perception of Corporate Farming Institution in Paddy Farming in Ogan Komering ILIR Regency of South Sumatera Province

Nisma Aprini, Sriati, Najib Asmani & dan Maryadi

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61 58

Extent to which Cell Phones Enhance Market Information Sharing for Beef Cattle Smallholders in Mpwapwa District, Tanzania

Neema S. Urassa, Zebedayo S. K. Mvena & Dr. Eligy M. Shirima

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186 65

Universal Access to Early Childhood Development (ECDB) in Zimbabwe: An Analysis of Challenges Faced by Children

E. Chikwiri & J. Musiyiwa

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604 99

Assessing the Effect of Cost of Capital in Profitability of Co-operative Societies; A Case of Shinyanga Municipal SACCOS

Mwakabumbe, Christina Alfred

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71 66

African American Students’ Attitudes and Beliefs about Ethnic and Racial Diversity at a Predominantly White Public University in the Mid-West

James R. Ochwa-Echel & Krishna Thomas

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72 63

Role of the Organization of Women in the Prevention of Crime Violence and Sexual Child Protection

Maidin Gultom

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114 165

Ethnic Minority Problems in Nigeria: A Historical and Political Study

Dr. Adigbuo, Ebere Richard

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110 68

Job Stress and ILL-Health among Formal Workers in Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana

Oduro, J. K., Kissah -Korsah, K. & Dr. Nyarko-Sampson, E.

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61 54

A Survey of Correctional Education in Luzira Prison Uganda:  Challenges and Opportunities

Irene Aheisibwe & Aloysius Rukundo

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94 100

Determinants of Small to Medium Enterprises’ Success or Failure:  An Ex-post Appraisal of Start up Business by Young Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe

Farirepi Mugozhi & Gaylord Hlabiso

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137 85

Effects of Socio-economic and Demographic Factors on Household Solid Waste Generation in Selected Urban Estates in Kisumu City, Kenya

Jenniffer Vera Atieno, Boniface Oindo & Dr. Esna Bosire

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117 56

African Socio-Religio Cultural Understanding of Family and Parenting: A Case of the Agikuyu, Kenya

P. N. Wachege & Cheronoh Fancy

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88 78

Challenges Young Universities in Zimbabwe Face to Create and Ensure a Healthy Learning Environment and Academic Excellence

I. Ramirez, Dr. P. V. Moyo, L. Kusure, W. Munakandafa & O. Hernandez

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105 73

Land Regularization Process; a Missed Opportunity for Women Empowerment:  A Case of Informal Settlements in Tanzania

Naomi Norah Makota & Dr. Cosmas Benedict Haule

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116 206

Analysis of Coconut Farming (Cocos Nucifera L) in the Tidal Area of Jambi Province

Rozaina Ningsih, Fachrurrozi Sjarkowie, Marwan Sufri & Dessy Adriani

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