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April 14


Occupational Aspirations of Scheduled Tribes Post Graduate Students

By Dr. N. R. Savatikar DOWNLOAD


Rise of the Quantum Atom

By Yeuncheol Jeong, Ming Yin, Timir Datta DOWNLOAD


Mirroring Communal Ills: A Dramatic and Communication Approach

By Akas Nicholas Chielotam, Emmanuel Ngozi Marion DOWNLOAD


A Comparative Study of Improvement in Writing Skill of Secondary School Students Using Self Regulated Strategy Model and Conventional Mode of Instruction

By Kirti Aggarwal, Dr. Neelam Dhamija DOWNLOAD


A Study on Influence of Formal Food and Nutrition Education on Dietary Behaviour among Female Young Adults

By Vaijayanthi Kanabur, Dr. R. P. Lalitha Reddy DOWNLOAD


A Brief Appraisal of Transforming Living Space of South Kolkata

By Prashasti Bhattacharyya DOWNLOAD


Educational Status of Muslim Women: A Case Study of Poonch District

By Jameel Ahmed DOWNLOAD


Adjustment Problems During Adolescence

By Shridevi K. Patil DOWNLOAD


Dalit Literature in India: Some Features

By Om Prakash DOWNLOAD


Gendered Discourses of Hindutva

By Alisha Dhingra DOWNLOAD


Development Journalism, Africa and Breast Cancer Care among Women

By Okorie Nelson DOWNLOAD


 – Effect of Aerobic Interval Training Program in Reducing Abdominal Obesity in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

By P. Mariet Caroline DOWNLOAD


– Women Empowerment with Reference to Self Help Group Members in Tamil Nadu

By Dr. J. Lakshmi, Dr. J. Godwin Prem Singh DOWNLOAD


– Infant Deaths, MDG Goal (4) and Population Policy Achievements in India: Role of Fathers

By Niyati Joshi, Disha Tiwari DOWNLOAD


Environmentally Sustainable World: Apprehensions and Actions

By Arif Rasheed DOWNLOAD


– Sustainable Development via Big Dams: The Victimisation of Affected People

By Kamal Kumar DOWNLOAD


– Popular Religiosity and Collective Effervescence in Contemporary Sicily

 By Elisabetta Di Giovanni DOWNLOAD


– A Portrayal of Clashes of Ideologies Among the African Natives in African Writing in English: A Study of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s The River Between And Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus

 By Deler Singh DOWNLOAD


– The Marginalised Society in Cyrus Mistry’s “ Chronicle of A Corpse Bearer”

 By Goutam Barman DOWNLOAD





– Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things: A Glance on Style

 By Amita RawlleyDOWNLOAD



– Does Presence of an Intimate Friend has an Effect on the Level of Psychological Distress of Female Cardiovascular and Cancer Patients? An Analytical Study

 By Dr. Roshan Anie Alex DOWNLOAD


– Working Capital Management and Firm Performance: Evidence from Nigerian Listed Firms

 By Kajola Sunday O., Nwaobia Apollus, Adedeji Samuel B. DOWNLOAD


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