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Devolved Agricultural System of Governance and Enhancement of Food Security in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Edward Kibiwott Boor, Dr. Jane Omwenga & Dr. Mike Iravo

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95 47

Nigerian Street Children: A Reservoir for Boko Haram (Terrorism)

Dr. Eloma Usang, Ekpo, Eno Bassey & Akpan, Emmanuel Mendie

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54 38

Effectiveness of Metacognitive Strategy and Achievement Motivation Training on Dissertation Anxiety of Doctoral Students

Dr. Ayeni, Joseph Olabode

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38 46

Devolved Funds Allocation and Enhancement of Food Security in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Edward Kibiwott Boor, Dr. Jane Omwenga & Dr. Mike Iravo

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45 38

The Contribution of Religions in the Public Leadership Qualities: Islamic and Christian Perspectives

William Amos Pallangyo & Abel Majaliwa Thomas

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57 35

Non-Governmental Organisations and Social Welfare Services: The Case of International Red Cross in Germiston, South Africa

Caroline Mafongoya & Leonard Chitongo

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35 47

Addressing the Labour Market Vulnerabilities of Female Head Porters (Kayayei) in Urban Ghana: An Optimal Policy Approach

Alhassan Ziblim

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102 42

Utilization of Instructional Materials for Personalized Learning of Mathematics in Public Primary Schools: A Case of Eldoret East Sub County, Kenya

Immaculate Alaka, Dr. ALice Limo & Dr. Ruth Andambi

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111 39

The Effective Impact of Integration of Body Oriented Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Biofeedback Techniques on Discipline Troubled Students of Technical Training Institution

Norizan Binti Yusof & Muhammad Nubli Bin Abdul Wahab

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105 248

The Perception of Prison Inmates’ about the Implementation of Rehabilitation Programs in Harari Correction Center: The Case of Harari Region

Usleyman Gemechu & Dr. Kasim Kimo

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54 35

Factors that May Be Used as a Decision Basis of Fashion Products Online by Y Consumer Generation in Jakarta City, Indonesia

Ch. Endah Winarti

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79 45

The Implementation Rice Policy based on Presidential Instruction on Household Food Security

Surya Abadi Sembiring

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53 43

Dilemma of Adaptation of Principles of Good Governance in Governance System in Sri Lanka

Dr. Shantha Gamlath

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46 41

The Messiah Motif and Biblical Epigrams as Emblems of National Patriotic Culture in Ngugi’s a Grain of Wheat (1967)

Dr. Evans Mandova

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46 37

Unconnected Consciousness as a Negation of National Patriotic Culture in Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s a Grain of Wheat (1967)

Dr. Evans Mandova

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40 39

The Role of Religion and Educational Imbalance in Juba Conference of 1947: Case Study of the Sudanese Religious Conflicts II

Samuel Jock Bany Mading, Dr. Catherine Jendia & Dr. Paddy Musana

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44 36

Modernist Aesthetics as Anathema to National Patriotic Culture:  The Case of Nyamfukudza’s The Non-Believer’s Journey

Dr. Evans Mandova

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62 47

Lawyers’ Professional Organizations and Their Influence on Regulation

Dr. Dominik Sypniewski

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38 39

Free of Usurythe Deed of Appropriation Land Mortgage in Sharia Banks

Maman Sudirman, Thohir Luth, Rachmad Safa'at & Moh. Fadli

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60 32

Communicative Strategies Used by Undergraduates in Spoken English

Dr. Caesar De Alwis, Abang Fhaeizdhyall & Norlida bte Nawawi

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48 51

Unified Final Degree Examination (FDE) a Springboard towards Producing Employable Quality University Graduates in Nigeria

Dr. Nwosu, Jonathan C. & John, Henry Chukwudi

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68 40

An Analysis of the Industrial Sector of Nigeria in This Era of Globalization

Eke Orji Kingdom, Worika Ibibia Lucky & Umofia Nsikan

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33 36

Changing Agricultural Practices in Cowpea Production: The Impact of New Innovation

Esther Wahaga

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55 53

Single Currency for Africa; is it Possible? A Theoretical Review

Samuel Kinyuah & Judith Joelle Mbondji

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68 50

Qualification Harmonization for Regional Integration: The WAEC Model

Oni E. O. & Charity Chiyenlu Okide

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47 49

An Investigation of the Various Factors Influence on Exports in Sri Lanka

Kajenthini Ganeshamoorthy

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43 50

Finding Solutions to Legal Constraints Affecting the Operation of Local Governments in Nigeria

Dr. Benjamin Obasi Igwenyi

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121 46

Nigeria-US Relations: A Conceptual Exploration

Dapo Thomas

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51 55

“Shavianism or “Butakeism”: A Comparative Reading of Female Identities in George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan and Bole Butake’s and Palm Wine Will Flow”

Dr. Divine Njong

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56 37

Effect of Growth Strategies on the Performance of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in the Tourism Industry

Damaris Onyango & Dr. Joanes Kaleli Kyongo

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85 55

Alternative Instruction Management Models that Enhance Multiple Intelligences among Secondary Students in Kenya

David Maboko Nassiuma, Jonah N. Kindiki & Dr. Sammy K. Chumba

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58 40

Bride Wealth and Delay in Marriage among Youths in the Niger Delta

Dr. Grace Lawrence-Hart

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52 50

Tracing the Elements of Absurdism Fear and Despair in Samuel Beckett’s the Unnamable: A Foucauldian Historical Study

Sajad Amiri

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61 45

Aristotle’s Portrayal of Democracy as a Mob Rule: A Take

Basiru Musa

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50 47

Niger Delta Militancy: Onset, Resurgence and Implications for Nigeria’s Economic Development

Garba, Dimas

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80 45

Rural Development in Nigeria: The Role of Periodic Markets

Venatus Vaatyough Kakwagh

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66 66

The Effects of Loss of Independence on Depression in Latin American Older Adults: Implications for Health Promotion

Jennifer Fernandez, Dr. Jessica Martone & Dr. Christine B. Costa

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54 46

The Efficacy of Rental Housing in Addressing Housing Challenges in Zimbabwe: The Case of Vundu Flats Makokoba Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Sharon Sagia & Leonard Chitongo

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112 173

The Impact of Corporate International Human Rights Regime on the Human Rights Records of Sovereign States: The Case of Nigeria

Dr. Wogu, Joseph Oluchukwu & Ogbonna Alozie Christian

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59 57

Empirical Test of Multidimensional Model for Estimating International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Compliance: Perspective of Ghanaian Banks

Isaac Cliford Queku

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50 48

No Peace Ahead?: Biafra Chanters and the Nation on a Brink

Bello, Taiwo

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206 56

When Ethnic Loyalty Dies: Biafrans Feared Biafra in the New Independence Struggle

Bello, Taiwo

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64 63

Rethinking Democracy in an Age of Instrumentalism and Adversity: The Political Future of Contemporary Political Systems

Gabsa Wilfred Nyongbet

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58 41

The Boko Haram Conundrum: A Menace against the Contours of Liberal Societies (Case of Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali and Niger)

Gabsa Nyongbet Wilfred

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87 51

Chieftaincy Disputes and Its Effects on Women and Children: A Case Study at Bawku Municipality, Ghana

John Onzaberigu Nachinaab & Dr. Francess Dufie Azumah

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50 50

Effect of Age and Marriage Duration on Marital Satisfaction:  A Case of Christian Marriages in Kenya

Roselynne Kyambi Webbo, Dr. Michael Kihara & Dr. Michelle Karume

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128 56

Availability and Use of Educational Media during Microteaching in Public Universities in Kenya: Interrogating CRE Pre-Service Teachers and Trainers Perceptions

Naomi Jebungei Kutto & Kutotto Patrick Lumumba

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