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February 14


1. Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development of Rural Areas: Opportunities and Challenges in India

By Amirullah DOWNLOAD


2. Migration Patterns in Swaziland: A Conceptual Analysis of the Trends and Patterns

By Admire Thonje, Whitehead Zikhali DOWNLOAD


3. Effect of Postisometric Relaxation Technique Versus Conventional Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation with Passive Stretching in Reducing Pain in Myofascial Pain Syndrome of the Upper Trapezius

By P. Sivasankar DOWNLOAD


4. Brain Dominance and Test Anxiety of Secondary and Higher Secondary Students

By Ganesh Kumar J., Maharishi R., Jaya Kumar K. N. DOWNLOAD


5. From Economic Development to Local Economic Growth: Income Generating Projects in Nkayi District, Zimbabwe

By Dr. Whitehead Zikhali, Grascious Ncube, Nevel Tshuma DOWNLOAD


6. Land Transformation of Rohtak City: A Study Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

By Bijender Singh DOWNLOAD


7. An Experimental Study on Secondary School Teachers of Effectiveness in Relation to Emotional Intelligence

By Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir, Dr. Sanju Lata DOWNLOAD


8. Globalization and Its’ Impact on Agricultural Labour

By Kokila Meena DOWNLOAD


9. Public Expenditure of Haryana on Development Sector

By Rekha Sharma, Jitendra Kumar DOWNLOAD


10. Mobile Money Revolution: An Opportunity for Financial Inclusion in Africa

By Conrad Chibango DOWNLOAD


11. The Use of Ghanaianisms in Aidoo’s Changes Djoleto’s Money Galore and Nyantakyi’s Ancestral Sacrifice

By James Nsoh Adogpa DOWNLOAD


12. English Language Teaching Situation in Udaipur Region: Particularly Spoken English 

By Manoj Kumar DOWNLOAD


 13. Typology of Choral Music in Ghana: Current Perspectives

By Joshua Alfred Amuah DOWNLOAD


14. Death of Imperialism in George Orwell’s ‘Shooting an Elephant

By Yigit Sümbül DOWNLOAD


15. Spatio-Temporal Dimensions of Fertility in India: A Perspective on Rural-Urban Disparity

By Dr. Sneh Sangwan, Mahima, Dr. Balwan Singh, Dr. Randhir Singh Sangwan DOWNLOAD


16. An Integrated Approach for Teaching English Morphology and Syntax: The Case of the Lexeme “WATER”

By Rungpat Roengpitya DOWNLOAD


17. The Role of the Literary Artist in Improving Good Governance and the Administration of Justice; Viewing Wole Soyinka’s “From Zia, with Love” with a Ghanaian Lens

By Dr. Michael A. Brigandi DOWNLOAD


18. Growth of Urban Centres in Haryana: A Temporal Analysis

 By Dr. Sneh Sangwan, Dr. Balwan Singh, Mahima, Dr. Randhir Singh Sangwan DOWNLOAD


19. Education Status of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe in Rajsthan

 By Kokila Meena DOWNLOAD



20. Constructing a New Manliness: Performing Masculinity in Rowdy Rathore

 By Preeti Kumar DOWNLOAD



21. Reflective Humor: Ridiculing Modernity

 By Saif Ullah Nasar DOWNLOAD



22. Higher Education and its Importance for citizen: A Comparative Analysis of UK, USA, China, India, Egypt and Turkey

 By Syed Raheem Abbas Shah, Muhammad Asim DOWNLOAD



23. Demand Responsive Approach (DRA): A Neoliberal Approach for Rural Water Delivery and Management in Ghana

 By Daniella Delali Sedegah, Michael Tuffour DOWNLOAD



24. Relationship between Hazard Perception and Place Attachment: An Exploration into the Human Ecological Aspect of Matla River of the Indian Sundarbans

 By Abhik Dasgupta, Sanat Kumar Guchhait DOWNLOAD



25. Ramifications of Flooding on Livelihoods: A Case of Two Communal Areas in Chivi District in Zimbabwe

 By Tarisayi Kudzayi Savious DOWNLOAD



26. Reconstructing ‘Rationality’ in the Market Situation

 By R. Rajesh DOWNLOAD


27. Job Satisfaction among Senior High School Teachers in Ashanti Mampong Municipality

 By Benedict Osei-Owusu, Esther Osei-Owusu, Bernard Effah DOWNLOAD


28. Insight into the Community’s Faith in PSALM 46 and Relevance to Africa

 By Dr. Obiorah Mary Jerome DOWNLOAD







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