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January 14

1. Rural Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Prakasam District

By Dr. K. Prabhakar DOWNLOAD


2. Teacher Absenteeism and its Impact on Quality Education: A Case Study of the Public Schools in the Abesim Circuit of the Sunyani Municipality

By Samuel Tieku Gyansah, Gabriel Esilfie, Agnes Atta DOWNLOAD


3. Equestrian Forms in Traditional and Contemporary Nigerian Art

By Blaise Gundu Gbaden DOWNLOAD


4. Discovery of Truth: Insight of J. Krishnamurti

By Prantika Sarmah DOWNLOAD


5. Cultural and Religious Barriers to Women Accessing Healthcare in Jere, Borno State, Nigeria

By Esther Anenge Gbaden DOWNLOAD



6. Assessing the Indicator Based Sustainability: A Pragmatic Approach

By Rituparna Hajra, Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, Dr. Tuhin Ghosh DOWNLOAD


7. Dialogue with Demons, Religion, Culture and Exorcism in Christian Churches in Zimbabwe

By Basure Hardlife Stephen, Taru Josiah DOWNLOAD


8. Geographic Variation of Sexual Knowledge and Practice among the People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kerala State, India

By Jayarajan K., Dr. K. Lakshmi DOWNLOAD


9. Refugees’ Perspectives’ on Azerbaijan: Armenia Conflict

By Kiran Sakkar Sudha, Pallavi Singh, Dr. M. G. Shahnawaz DOWNLOAD


10. Household Fuel Use, Indoor Air Pollution and Vulnerability of Women to Its Exposure

By Lalawmpuii Zadeng DOWNLOAD


11. Educational Aspiration of Higher Secondary School Students: A Comparative Study Based on Certain Demographic Variables

By Dr. Josen George DOWNLOAD


12. Analysis of Variations in Selected Cardiovascular Parameters During Core Stability Exercises in Collegiate Obese Individuals

By P. Subramanian, E. U. Ravisankar, Dr. Arun DOWNLOAD


13. Nutritional Status and Dietary Pattern of 7-9 Years School Going Children in India and Ethiopia

By Preeti Ghate, Deepali Kotwal DOWNLOAD


14. Impact of Watershed Development Programme on Cropping Pattern and Intensity of District Hisar

By Manoj Siwach, Usha Poonia, Sonia Sihag DOWNLOAD


15. A Study on Variation in Comparative Advantage in Trade between China and India

By Nidhi Bagaria, Swarup Santra, Rajesh Kumar DOWNLOAD


16. Food Security: Status and Concerns of India

By Rajesh Kumar, Nidhi Bagaria, Swarup Santra DOWNLOAD


17. Morality: Gandhiji’s View and Its Relevance in the Modern Times

By Naorem Nandaraj Singh DOWNLOAD


18. Rural Development and the Role of Gram Panchayats: A Case Study of Dawaguri Gram Panchayat in Cooch Behar District

By Chandra Sekhar Pandit DOWNLOAD


19. Structural Change of Bihar Economy during 1999 to 2010: A District Level Analysis

By Swarup Santra, Rajesh Kumar, Nidhi Bagaria DOWNLOAD


20. To Study the Mental Health of Senior Secondary Students in Relation to Their Emotional Intelligence

By Ramesh Singh Bartwal DOWNLOAD


21.Gender Dimensions and Market Relationship: A Marketplace Scenario

By Dr. R. Rajesh DOWNLOAD


22. Mass Media and the Boko Haram Domestic Terror Attacks in Northern Nigeria: An Overview

By Ojo Titiloye Oyeyinka, Tsebee Asor Kenneth, Owolabi Razak Olakunle DOWNLOAD


23. Politics of Identity and Fragmentation of National Character: A Study of Three Regional Movements in West Bengal

By Ramchandra Pramanik DOWNLOAD


24. Justification of the Title – Heart of Darkness

By Macwan Hiral Joseph DOWNLOAD


25. Multidimensional Approach for HIV Prevention



26.Exclusion, Discrimination & Deprivation of Women in India

By Kokila Meena DOWNLOAD


27. Work Value Orientation and Perceived Success in Police Personnel for Organizational Commitment

By Dr. Rasmita Das Swain, Shiv Mangal Singh, Rahul Sharma DOWNLOAD



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