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Contribution of Student Economic Adjustment on Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students in Western Kenya

Maurine Saidi Olenyo, Dr. Bernard Ngoitsi Jumba, Peter Odera & Dr. Moses Poipoi

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Effects of Student Economic Adjustment on Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students in Western Kenya

Maurine Saidi Olenyo, Peter Odera, Dr. Bernard Ngoitsi Jumba & Dr. Moses Poipoi

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The Role of Commercial Motorcycles in Nigerian Rural Economy: A Study of Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria

Dr. Venatus V. Kakwagh & Dr. David O. Ajibade

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Expressing Property Concepts in Dagaare

Justine Bakuuro

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The Cultural Discrimination against the Female Child: A Contributing Factor to the Failure of Microfinance in Alleviating Women Poverty of Rural Northern Ghana

Bibiana Koglinuu Batinge

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Addressing Cultural and Religious Intolerance for Effective Teaching, Learning and Peace of the Primary School Children in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Gweru District Schools, Zimbabwe

Thondhlana Saiden & Dr. Makawa James D.

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Mortgage on Immovable Property: The Law and the Practice in Ethiopia; with a Reference to East Gojame Zone Administration, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Dr. Teafere Melaku, Ato Yilikal Kefale & Mekuriaw Alemenew

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Factors Associated with Posthumous Organ Donation for Transplantation

Sonia Umair & Umair Waqas

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Evolving a Turn-around Strategy for Effective Consumer Protection in Nigeria

Dr. Jacob Otu Enyia

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43 31

Framing of Rural Development Issues in Nigeria Print Media

Abimbola Adekemi Oluyemi, Dr. Tokunbo Alex Adaja & Solomon George Anaeto

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Street Level Bureaucrats and the Implementation of Kilimo Kwanza Initiative: The Case of Bagamoyo District, Coastal Region, Tanzania

Dr. Emmanuel J. Mallya

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A Critique of the Pedagogies of Character Formation in Post-Independent Kenyan Schools

Wycliffe Osabwa

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Developing an Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Management Archetype for Effective Integration of ICT in Secondary Schools in Kakamega, Kenya

Lazarus Ndiku Makewa & Dr. Felix Amadi Mugasia

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37 33

Legal Analysis of the Meaning of Fidelity and Fairness in Article 74 (2) of the Act of Number of 40 of 2007 on the Limited Company Against Implementation for the Company’s Environment and Social Responsibility in Sustainable Development of Indonesia

Muhammad Jufri & Deity Yuningsih

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Pattern and Impact of Conflicts between Farmers and Herders in Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria

Eje, Thankgod Ibe, Angai, Ibrahim Ayu, Abdullahi, Yusuf Bazza, Eje, Patience Odee, Wudaba, Lucky Emmanuel & Ishaku, Nuhu

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Sources of Premarital Sex Knowledge among Seventh Day Adventist Youth in Gachuba Ward, Nyamira County, Kenya

Omote Loice Nyakerario, Eric Ogwora, Gerishon Njuguna & Richard Ayako

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40 53

Challenges for Teacher Preparation Programs: Measuring First Year Teacher Effectiveness for Program Improvement and National Accreditation

Dr. Kurt Kreassig

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Relationship between Cultural Capital and Level of Parental Participation in Primary Education in Migori County, Kenya

Jacob Odhiambo, Dr. Catherine Ng’endo Munyua & Dr. Dolphine Odero-Wanga

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50 34

Making Sense of Discourse on Pluralism in Indonesia

Djoko Sutopo

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Effects of the Computer Animated Geogebra Technique in Geometry during Instruction on Secondary School Students’ Mathematics Achievement in Kitui County, Kenya

Simon Warui Mwangi, Bernard Nyingi Githua & Johnson M. Changeiywo

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37 40

Working without Salary during Democratic Dispensation in Nigeria: Ekiti State Civil Servants and Survival Mechanisms in the Era of Salary Inconsistence

Dr. A. M. Babatola, I. O. Oladeji & Dr. M. Kolawole Aliyu

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100 52

Relationship between Structural Changes and Economic Growth in Kenya

Job Ilanyi & Dr. Kepha Ombui

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348 183

The Effectiveness of HRV-Biofeedback Technology and Heart Rate Variability on Intercultural Communication Competence among Postgraduate Students from Different Nationalities

Dr. Abdul Qahar Sarwari & Dr. Mohammad Nubli Abdul Wahab

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The Human Values as Study Object of Science

Islay Perez Martinez & Ariadna Quintana Diaz

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The Causes and Effects of Conflict between Luo-Maasai Communities of Ogwedhi-Sigawa, Kenya

George Okumu Achar, Dr. Rispah N. Wepukhulu & Dr. Angeline Savala

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An Evaluation of the Relationship between Housing Condition, Residential Satisfaction and Neighbourhood Revitalisation in Somolu, Area of Lagos, Nigeria

Omolabi, Abimbola Olufemi & Dr. Adebayo, Pauline W.

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Relationship between Head Teacher Leadership and Resource Mobilization in Secondary Schools in Baringo County, Kenya

Salinah Kaliny

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174 62

The Pragmatism in Iranian Political Thought and Its Role in Solutions to the Iranian Nuclear Crisis 2005 -2016

Dr. Abdulla Rashed Al-Arqan

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50 52

Teacher Quality and the Effective Teaching of Social Studies in the Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana

David Adjei

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The Resolution for Conflict of Land Transmigration as a form of Legal Protection for the Holder on Right of Land in the Regency of East Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Heryanti & Sahrina Safiuddin

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50 39

Types of Reading Materials in School Library and Their Relevance to Students in Secondary School in Nandi Central Sub-county

Lydiah Jelagat Ng’ososey

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49 36

Relationship between Classroom Psychosocial Environment and Academic Performance in Chemistry in Keiyo Sub-county, Elgeyo-Marakwet County

Rutto Kipngetich Hillary

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Influence of Age on Adolescents' Self Concept among Secondary School Students in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria

Egbochuku, Elizabeth Omotunde & Agboola, James Odunayo

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The Model for Resolution of Land Conflict through the Mediation Integrating Legal Aid Based on College in South East Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Muh. Sjaiful dan Jumiaty Ukkas

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66 39

Challenges Faced by Head Teachers in Resource Mobilization in Secondary Schools in Baringo County, Kenya

Salinah Kaliny

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Where are our Girls? Gender Disparity in Secondary Education in Dire Dawa Administration, Ethiopia

Dr. Shimelis Zewdie Admassie

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59 48

Influence of Entrepreneurial Learning toward Entrepreneurial Intention of Vocational High School Students

Dr. Muh. Ma'ruf Idris, Dr. Amat Mukhadis, Dr. Marthen Pali & Dr. Abdi Akbar

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83 47

Basic Education in Ghana: History, Management and Challenges

Dr. Seth Asare-Danso

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Influence of Capital Structure, Corporate Growth, Institutional Ownership, and Firm Size on Corporate Value

Adanan Silaban

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49 45

Examining Prisoners’ Treatment Practices in Prison Centers in Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Fikadu Kassa, Galu

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47 57

The Influence of Selected Factors on Desistance from Crime among Offenders under Probation in Nairobi County, Kenya

Wairima Amos Wanyoike, Mwangi S. Wokabi & Dr. Eric K. Bor

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