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The Role of Criminal Law in Establishing Economic Order and Security

Mahmood Ajorlui & Hamed Mardani

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59 49

High School Student Ratings of Teaching: Differences between Rural and Urban Students in Vietnam

Sai Cong Hong & Tang Thi Thuy

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55 34

Factors Affecting Implementation of Strategic Knowledge Management in Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya: A Case of Ngos in Narok County

Irene Sereti Letoluo, Dr. Evangeline Gichunge & Dr. Madam Jane Munga

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42 40

Improving Critical-Creative Reading Ability of Z Generation Students through Technologically Responsive Reflective Learning

Endah Tri Priyatni, Siti Cholisotul Hamidah & Pidekso Adi

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62 43

Perception of Productive Teacher Major in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering to the Teaching Factory Implementation at Vocational High School in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Samnur, Marji, Dwi Agus Sudjimat & Eko Hadi Sujiono

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144 55

Profiles of Adolescent Students Career Maturity Indonesia University of Education

Asep Zuhara Argawinata, Dr. Uman Suherman & Dr. Juntika Nurihsan

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45 32

Raising Preliminary Objections in the Nigerian Courts in Civil Proceedings

Idem, Udosen Jacob

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37 45

Funding Academic Libraries as a Function of Library Policies and Budgetary Issues: A Survey of Academic Libraries in Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr. Godwin B. Afebende & Akin-Fakorade Oluwaseun

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37 36

The Perceptions of Lecturers on the Matrix Structure’s Effectiveness in Enhancing Lecturer Effectiveness in an Open Distance Learning University Like Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU): A Case Study of ZOU Midlands Regional Campus

Thondhlana Saiden

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35 33

Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Use of ICT Tools by Rural Agrientrepreneurs in Kenya

Dickson Otieno Okello & Dave Mwangi Ireri

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53 45

The Traditional Integrated Ways of Conflict Resolution between the Luo-Maasai Communities, Kenya

George Okumu Achar, Dr. Rispah N. Wepukhulu & Dr. Savala, Angeline

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30 53

Factors Influencing the Deterioration of Traditional Madrasahs’ Performance in Zanzibar: The Teachers’ Experiences

Faki Ali Malengo & Dr. Hazizan Md. Noon

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42 34

Sharia-Based Tourism: Between Reconstruction and Local Original Revenues (Survey at Waterfalls of Blang Kolam in North Aceh District)

Zulkarnaini, Zuarni & Mukhlis

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32 47

Strategies Employed in the Repatriation of South Sudanese Refugees from Kakuma Camp to South Sudan

Omukkoko Willy & Okoth P. G.

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35 42

Analysis of ISO 9000

Sarimonang Sihombing & Darna Sitanggang

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50 49

Managerial Challenges Affecting Family Welfare Support Non-Governmental Organizations’ Performance in Nairobi City County, Kenya

Alice Bahizi, Johnson Mavole & Michael Tedd Okuku

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34 31

Analysis of Livelihoods and Food Consumption Challenges in the Face of Persistent Droughts in Bulilima District of Rural Zimbabwe in Matabeleland South

Ncube Pios & Onias Mafa

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42 55

The African Traditional Beliefs & Practices

Pololo S. T. E. Ndeke & Christine N. Masya

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43 52

The Influence of Role Clarity and Job Autonomy on the Performance of Private University Campuses in Eldoret, Kenya

Nabisere Christine

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50 35

Exploring Livelihood Benefits from a Community-Based Conservation Area in South-Eastern Zimbabwe

Tanyaradzwa Chigonda

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36 49

Head Teachers’ Supervisory Role of Monitoring Classroom Progress Influence on Academic Achievements in KCPE, Kandara Sub-County; Kenya

Ruth Ngina Stanley, Dr. Alexander Ronoh & Dr. Paul Maithya

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42 45

Influence of Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood Films and Music Videos on the Nature of Parent-teen Communication on Sexuality: A Study of Day Secondary Schools in Eldoret Municipality, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Naliaka Valarie Joan

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29 34

The Nature of Communication between Parents and Their Teenage Children on the Teenagers’ Sexuality: A Study of Day Secondary Schools in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Naliaka Valarie Joan

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32 45

Analysis of Macroeconomic Determinants of Economic Growth in Kenya

Margaret Nyaruirumugure, Justo Masinde Simiyu & Aggrey Otieno Bunde

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47 37

Strategies Used by State and Non-State Actors in Promoting Social Cohesion and Integration in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

James Kimisoi, Dr. Ruth Simiyu & Dr. Edmond Were

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58 62

Mines and Differential Environmental Degradation in Kakamega County, Kenya

Rael Ramkat, John Obiri & Samuel China

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45 40

The Legal Framework for the Corporate Existence of Nigeria

Anozie Miriam Chinyere, Nwatu Samuel I. & Onyeabor Emmanuel U.

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44 55

Methodological Bases for Talent Identification in Sports

Islay Pérez Martínez

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44 36

Spatial Analysis of Modern Health Care Resources in Rural Districts of Ibadan, Nigeria

Gbenga Titus Awe

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44 96

Cultural Constraints Facing Table Banking Among Rural Women in Emurua Dikirr Sub-County, Narok County, Kenya

Joan Jelimo Seurei, Johnson Nzau Mavole, Wilkins Ndege Muhingi & Michael Tedd Okuku

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77 42

Effects of Menstruation on Class Attendance among Girls in Public Secondary Schools in Kieni East Sub County, Nyeri County, Kenya

Virginia Mirigo Muruga & Nephat J. Kathuri

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37 47

Effect of Feedback Strategy and Achievement Motivation to Understanding and Application of National Ideological Concepts in Citizenship Education in Vocational High School

Sumarno, Punaji Setyosari, Haryono & Wayan Dasna

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43 43

Effect of School Culture on Implementation of School Strategic Plans: A Case of Mathira Sub-county, Nyeri County, Kenya

Margaret Kangai Kirimu, Nephat J. Kathuri & Esther Thuba

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49 42

Effects of Governments’ Educational Policies on Islamic Education in Ghana: A Historical Study

Dr. Seth Asare-Danso

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35 44

The Influence of Team Effectiveness on Humanitarian Aid Delivery Effectiveness in Humanitarian Organizations in Somalia

Hashim Abdirahman Shuria

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69 48

A Comparative Analysis of the Perceptions of Zimbabwean Primary School Teachers and Children on the Prevalent Types of Conflict in the Primary Schools:  Case Studies of Gweru and Shurugwi District Schools

Thondhlana Saiden & Dr. Makawa James D.

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57 36

Oedipus’ Moral Responsibility in Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus

Dr. Bosede Adefiola Adebowale

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59 41

Student-Related Factors and the Rates of Completion of Doctoral Studies in Education in Public Universities in Kenya

Samuel K. Rong’uno

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46 42

Relationship between Doctoral Students’ Study Mode and Rates of Completion of Studies in Education in Public Universities in Kenya

Samuel K. Rong’uno

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38 36

The Influence of Teaching/Learning Resources on Completion Rates of Doctoral Studies in Education in Selected Public Universities in Kenya

Samuel K. Rong’uno

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62 42

Significance and Risks of Interreligious Dialogue in South Sudan

Pololo S. T. E. Ndeke & Christine N. Masya

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87 51

Interreligious Dialogue and the Multi-Religious Groups in Nairobi, Kenya

Pololo S. T. E. Ndeke & Christine N. Masya

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57 56

Influence of Socio-Economic Support on Child Labour in the Sugarcane Growing Projects in Awendo Sub-County, Kenya

George Omollo Ongoma, Charles Rambo & Dr. Joyce A. Osogo

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56 49

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